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  • Hydraulic Equipment
    It can meet customers' needs for precision machining of various sizes of spare parts, high precision, multiple batches, and complex shapes.
  • High Precision Parts
    For complex, precise, small batch and diversified parts, we provide comprehensive processing services that combine multiple processes.
  • Auto Parts
    It has experienced R&D, supply chain, production, sales, engineering, quality inspection, customer service and other full-process teams, and focuses on the field of new energy vehicles.
  • Industrial Field
    Advanced production equipment, strong production and processing capacity and strict quality management system, fast, high-quality production of small batches, diversified products.
  • Material
    The materials are mainly bars (hot rolled, fine drawn, polished), pipes, hexagonal profiles and other specific profiles.
  • Ability
    We are recognized by our customers for our high-quality products and services, reasonable costs and timely delivery. We have flexible and agile production and operation capabilities, which can meet the order delivery quantity from a few pieces to several million pieces.

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Nearly 20 years of industry experience, lean production, quality service to customers in various industries

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